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Skilled Nursing Facility

Circle Medical Management is one of the first providers of skilled nursing facility (SNF) dialysis services in Chicago. We provide onsite dialysis services and support to patients and staff so that residents can maximize their quality of life and outcomes. The program is considered "home dialysis" and complies with all state and federal regulations.

Studies have suggested that dialysis patients residing in a SNF have better outcomes when they receive their dialysis onsite. Other benefits of receiving treatments at the skilled nursing facility include:

  • Optimized therapy time.
  • Fewer missed meals and medications.
  • More time for visitors and other activities.
  • No need to transport to an outpatient dialysis facility.

The patient care team (nephrologist, nurse, dietitian and social worker) sees the patient on site and works with the SNF staff to coordinate services, and makes sure the patient is getting optimal care. Skilled dialysis staff administers the patient treatments as prescribed by the nephrologist.

We are able to provide traditional hemodialysis, high frequency dialysis utilizing NxStage therapy, and peritoneal dialysis. We provide dialysis medications, equipment, supplies, and dialysis related lab services.

We regularly provide educational services to the SNF staff so they understand the unique needs and issues of dialysis patients, and can provide appropriate care before and after dialysis. We participate in and contribute to joint care planning, marketing, quality assurance activities, and work to make sure that the service is truly an enhancement to the facility's operation.

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Affiliation with Rush

Circle Medical Management has a strong affiliation with Rush University Medical Center (RUMC).

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Home Treatment

Home Treatment

We train patients and their families so that they can safely administer their own treatments at home.

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Home Treatment

Kidney University

In partnership with our nephrologists, we provide a comprehensive education session for patients with chronic kidney disease.

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