Outpatient Services

In-center Hemodialysis

At CMM we have a 28 station dialysis unit that provides hemodialysis Monday thru Saturday, in a safe and comfortable setting. All hemodialysis treatments are customized to each patient's specific medical needs and changes as those needs change. During your treatment you will be monitored by experienced dialysis nurses and certified patient care technicians.

We do not reuse dialyzer or bloodlines. We utilize Fresenius 2008T dialysis machines that connect with our electronic medical record system. This assures that your dialysis treatment data is always available for your medical team and can be closely monitored. Our electronic system also allows your nephrologist to view your treatment in real time from anywhere.

Our bright and spacious waiting room offers vending machines for light food and beverage. We have free parking adjacent to our building. Patients and visitors also have access to free WiFi.

Home Dialysis: Dialysis on Your Schedule

Home dialysis provides patients with independence, convenience can portability that they cannot get with in-center dialysis. Home dialysis provides our patients with independence and knowledge.

We train patients and their families so that they can safely administer their own treatments at home. Our experienced home dialysis staff will provide you with all the support you need to make sure you always feel safe and comfortable administering your treatment, and that your dialysis treatment is providing you with optimal outcomes.

Peritoneal Dialysis

CMM has been a leader in Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) and has been providing the treatment to our patients for almost 30 years. Our nephrologists were involved in important technological advances of APD and have participated in key APD research.

We provide both Continuous Ambulatory and Continuous Cycling PD utilizing Fresenius technology. The nephrologist will work with the patient to determine the type of PD most appropriate for each patient's unique needs and concerns.

High Frequency Home Hemodialysis

CMM was the first dialysis provider in Illinois to offer high frequency home hemodialysis utilizing NxStage technology. Like PD, patients can dialyze at their convenience, in the comfort of their home. Higher frequency hemodialysis often provides additional benefits for patients, including less dietary and fluid restrictions, decreased medication needs, and many patients report higher levels of energy.

Home Dialysis Training and Support

Experienced home dialysis nurses and certified technicians will provide comprehensive training to patients and their caregivers. Education and training is customized to each specific patient's needs and concerns.

During training patients learn everything they need to safely and effectively dialyze at home. Patients will dialyze themselves several times during training before they "graduate" and go home on their own. Our staff will be in frequent contact with patients during their first few home treatments to make sure everything goes smoothly and to address patient questions and concerns.

We will see our home dialysis patients at least once a month for a clinic visit. During these visits we assess how your treatment is going and address other renal related medical issues such as anemia. The home dialysis nurse, social worker and dietitian and your nehprologist will see you at your monthly clinic visits and are always available by phone or by appointment in the clinic.

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Affiliation with Rush

Circle Medical Management has a strong affiliation with Rush University Medical Center (RUMC).

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Home Treatment

Home Treatment

We train patients and their families so that they can safely administer their own treatments at home.

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Home Treatment

Kidney University

In partnership with our nephrologists, we provide a comprehensive education session for patients with chronic kidney disease.

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