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Frequently Asked Questions


What can my social worker help me with?

Your social worker is here to help you adapt to living with kidney failure. She will help you get information you would like to know about the disease, how it impacts your body, different treatment options, and things you can do to better your health and overall well-being. She will also help you to locate resources that may help you to live a better life, ie: home nurse, physical therapy, utility assistance, transportation, medication assistance, and other community resources.

Is your social worker available for one-on-one consultations?

Yes. You may request to meet with your social worker privately before or after treatment or on your off-treatment day. Your social worker is also available by phone Monday-Friday.

Is transportation available?

Yes. There are several options available for transportation. Some of them are covered by insurance, some are paid for out-of-pocket. None of these services are provided directly by the dialysis clinic. Please ask your social worker for more information on what options are available for you and how to get started.

Can I travel on dialysis?

Yes. You will need to plan ahead, as many dialysis clinics require advanced notice to treat traveling patients. Your social worker will assist you with locating a clinic near your travel destination and will help forward your medical records.