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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to follow a special diet when I’m on dialysis?

Yes! You need good nutrition when you are on dialysis. A dietician will meet with you and discuss a meal plan that fits your specific needs.

What are some of the things I need to watch in my diet?

Your goal is to have good nutrition with fresh, less processed foods and low salt intake. The dietitian will assist you in meeting your nutritional needs.

Should I avoid tomatoes, potatoes or oranges?

A low potassium diet may be needed based on what type of dialysis you are doing. A dietitian will monitor your potassium levels and how much potassium foods can be included in your diet.

Can I eat pizza or other fast foods?

All foods can occasionally fit in your diet but good quality nutrition will supply your body with better energy and nutrition. Substitute fast foods or better choices when eating out will be discussed.

Will I need to limit my fluid intake?

Probably-this will be determined by your urine output and any edema or swelling you may have.